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George & Jenan Musulli

George & Jenan Musulli


Community Events

Kron Los Angeles Sunday practice.
2-17-19 11:00 am - 2430 E Colorado Blvd
Kron Los Angeles

Dear Seeker. Kron Los Angeles is a martial arts school that teaches sound martial skills, based on Historical European sources. You will learn how to use a longsword, an arming sword and buckler, a messer, a dagger, a spear, a poleaxe and...

Weekly practice game!
2-17-19 11:00 am - 2430 E Colorado Blvd
Adult soccer for beginners in Pasadena

Our first meetup was a success, with 16 people showing up and a lot of goals scored on each side! Let's make it a weekly event to get in shape together before the season starts on March 3.I'll bring a ball and a pair of goalkeeper gloves, let us...

Kaori-Aromathrapy craft class at Green Life Food Festival 2019
2-17-19 11:00 am - 2430 E Colorado Blvd
Let's learn all about Japan

This is a class at Green Life Festival. (Instructor: Mayumi /organizer of this group)We quickly go over the study of Kaori-Aromatherapy, different essential oils, Western and Japanese aromatic materials. Then, hand on crafting Sakura room spray ,...

Welcome to my new web site

February 5th, 2014 by George & Jenan Musulli

Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.

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